what is a memorial

A memorial is an event or a get together of all the close and relevant people who have faced the loss of their loved one. It is often held after the burial service of the dead person. It is held in order to remember the person who is no more among the living beings and honor him by saying some good words regarding the person or discussing the short incidents everyone had with him. The memorials birmingham is also carried out in a similar way.

Types of memorials:

· There are two ways in which the memorial service can be carried out. One is mentioned above, where an event is held in the memory of the loved one. A memorable picture or belonging of the dad I kept as a sign of his remembrance. The visitors bring in flowers and bouquets

· The second way is to visit the memorial grave of the dead one in the graveyard. Proper graveyard is constructed in the district and the memorial Birmingham falls among the developed ones. It is often quite inside and in the vicinity of the graveyard. There are specific timings at which the visitors can come. They often bring in flowers and bouquets in memory of their friend or family member. Each person will also have their own personal headstones dudley, marking the remembrance of them.